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>простая команда выводящая инфу про систему >ее зависимости Install package 'neofetch' to provide command 'neofetch'? [N/y] y * Waiting in queue... * Loading list of packages.... The following packages have to be installed: ImageMagick-1: An X application for displaying and manipulating images ImageMagick-libs-1: ImageMagick libraries to link with caca-utils-0.99-0.59.beta20.fc36.x86_64 Colour AsCii Art Text mode graphics utilities based on libcaca catimg-2.7.0-5.fc36.x86_64 Print images in a terminal with 256 colors support freeglut-3.2.2-1.fc36.x86_64 A freely licensed alternative to the GLUT library gdk-pixbuf2-xlib-2.40.2-4.fc36.x86_64 Deprecated Xlib integration for gdk-pixbuf2 gpm-libs-1.20.7-40.fc36.x86_64 Dynamic library for gpm graphviz-2.50.0-6.fc36.x86_64 Graph Visualization Tools gts-0.7.6-41.20121130.fc36.x86_64 GNU Triangulated Surface Library imlib2-1.7.4-2.fc36.x86_64 Image loading, saving, rendering, and manipulation library lasi-1.1.3-8.fc36.x86_64 C++ library for creating Postscript documents libXaw-1.0.14-2.fc36.x86_64 X Athena Widget Set libXxf86dga-1.1.5-8.fc36.x86_64 X.Org X11 libXxf86dga runtime library libcaca-0.99-0.59.beta20.fc36.x86_64 Library for Colour AsCii Art, text mode graphics libdmx-1.1.4-12.fc36.x86_64 X.Org X11 DMX runtime library liblqr-1-0.4.2-19.fc36.x86_64 LiquidRescale library libwmf-lite-0.2.12-8.fc36.x86_64 Windows Metafile parser library mesa-libGLU-9.0.1-6.fc36.x86_64 Mesa libGLU library mkfontscale-1.2.1-4.fc36.x86_64 Tool to generate legacy X11 font system index files neofetch-7.1.0-7.fc36.noarch CLI system information tool written in Bash netpbm-10.99.00-1.fc36.x86_64 A library for handling different graphics file formats perl-NKF-1:2.1.4-23.fc36.x86_64 Perl extension for Network Kanji Filter slang-2.3.2-11.fc36.x86_64 Shared library for the S-Lang extension language w3m-0.5.3-55.git20220429.fc36.x86_64 Pager with Web browsing abilities w3m-img-0.5.3-55.git20220429.fc36.x86_64 Helper program to display the inline images for w3m xdpyinfo-1.3.2-4.fc36.x86_64 X11 display information utility xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi-7.5-33.fc36.noarch A set of 100dpi ISO-8859-1 fonts for X xprop-1.2.3-4.fc36.x86_64 X property display utility xrandr-1.5.1-4.fc36.x86_64 Commandline utility to change output properties xwininfo-1.1.5-4.fc36.x86_64 X window info utility