I can help you create and manage Telegram bots. If you're new to the Bot API, please see the manual. You can control me by sending these commands: /newbot - create a new bot /mybots - edit your bots [beta] Edit Bots /setname - change a bot's name /setdescription - change bot description /setabouttext - change bot about info /setuserpic - change bot profile photo /setcommands - change the list of commands /deletebot - delete a bot Bot Settings /token - generate authorization token /revoke - revoke bot access token /setinline - toggle inline mode /setinlinegeo - toggle inline location requests /setinlinefeedback - change inline feedback settings /setjoingroups - can your bot be added to groups?

/setprivacy - toggle privacy mode in groups Games /mygames - edit your games [beta] /newgame - create a new game /listgames - get a list of your games /editgame - edit a game /deletegame - delete an existing game

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Bu gelir

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